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Hey there, fellow eco-warriors, I’m Jennifer Sinclair

I started working at WSS in May 2023 as a Digital Producer for the Short-form content of Future Chicken, and having experience in successfully certifying a previous studio as a B Corp I took on the role as Sustainability Lead.

But hey, this green journey of mine started way back in elementary school when I first learned about the wonders of recycling and the horrors of landfills.

So, buckle up and join me as I spill the beans on how we’re turning WSS into a eco-friendly creative hub, it’s gonna be a blast!

Sparking Our Green Initiative and Goals 

In March 2023, we got the green light for Future Chicken. With the focus on eco activism and sustainability, it was clear that we wanted to walk our talk in the studio. We did an assessment and built a timeline on what we could change – which turns out to be quite a lot!  

Then we created the ECOANIM principles as our north star:

E: Energy Efficiency. Embracing energy-efficient technologies in animation production

C: Circular Design. Adopting a circular economy approach by minimising waste and reusing studio materials. For example, in-house clothing/thrift swaps.

O: Organic Studio. Prioritizing organic and eco-friendly materials in studio and throughout the creative process.

A: Artistic Eco-Collaborations. We commit to collaborating with environmental organizations and artists to create impactful projects that raise awareness about sustainability issues and inspire positive change through our animation work.

N: Net-Zero. Aiming for net-zero by adopting carbon emission reduction strategies for staff and office.

I: Innovation for Sustainability. Encouraging continuous research and development of sustainable animation techniques.

M: Mindful. Promoting responsible consumption by staff and embodying the message to our audience when possible. Extending that to consumer products and merchandise as it arises.

Moreover, as we embrace these principles, we’re fostering a culture of sustainability that resonates throughout our studio and beyond.

WSS sustainability

Big Changes Towards Sustainability

Serendipitously we had plans to move offices and did so in January 2024. We were able to be conscious about the building we picked as our new headquarters.

Thinking of moving offices? Make sure you check out the efficiency new spaces. Is it a highly energy efficient building with EnergyStar appliances and eco practices, such as automatic light shut off at the end of studio hours? Ours is now! 

And we receive bi-yearly energy reports from the building so we can see how our usage over time has decreased. This year will be our “baseline” year so we will see how small changes can make a big difference going forward. 

Then we looked at our snacks and shifted them to zero-waste by choosing our main supplier to be The Soap Dispenary and Famous Foods bulk delivery.

Plus selecting organic, glass bottle milks and responsibly recycling all of the minimal soft plastics that do make it into our kitchen.

As a result our goal is to be fully package-free by the end of this year. 

WSS herbs

Littler Changes Towards Sustainability

But to make a difference you don’t have to do away with packaged snacks and change buildings – there are lots of smaller things we found to work on as well.

Our eco-conscious initiatives include: 

  • Providing reusable totes and refillable metal water bottles to staff to reduce single-use plastic.  
  • Educating on sorting waste to encourage sustainable disposal practices. 
  • Encouraging over 50% of staff to work from home at least two days a week, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from commuting.  
  • Collecting soft plastics for recycling, which we weigh each month so we know how our plastic consumption rates are going and feel proud of what we’re diverting from landfills. 
  • Supplying secure bike storage, which facilitates bike commutes.
  • Opting for LED lights and green screen technology for live-action filming to minimize energy consumption, avoiding diesel generators and prioritizing natural light. 
a poster that reads "welcome to future chicken" with two characters (a chicken and an egg) coming out of a portal

Fuelling Creativity Through Green Practices

 At WSS, we prioritize people’s well-being. Healthy employees mean happier and more productive teams.

That’s why we’ve revamped our snack choices.

Instead of packaged and processed snacks, we try to opt for fresh, local goodies. Fruits, sourdough, fresh herbs and even a popcorn maker!

That kind of freshness is not only delicious but also very community building, while waiting for the kernels to finish popping, people can chat about scenes they’re working on, which cross pollinates ideas across our team. 

Finally, we’re bringing nature indoors. With a plant enthusiast on board, we’re maximizing natural light and embracing greenery. Indoor plants have been proven to be mood-boosters.

Sustainable Snacks at WSS

Entertainment Studios Leading Environmental Responsibility

Entertainment studios play a crucial role in environmental responsibility, especially in such a densely creative and sylvan location like Vancouver.

Together, we need to set a precedent for sustainability in the industry, and foster a culture of positive change through modeling green practices.  

 And by pledging to “Producing for the Planet” our studio has committed to producing our content in a sustainable way, even joining the steering committee.

We’re proud to have a chance to share our eco-knowledge with other studios as we help build the Producer’s sustainability guide.

Visit the Future Chicken YouTube Channel and the Official Website for tips on being sustainable in your personal life.